The benefits of listening to music and exercising

The scene where someone is exercising or jogging with earphones in the morning is quite familiar to us. Make sure you wear earphones when you are walking or exercising. But why are songs heard during exercise? Is there a relationship between exercise and music? Science also says that there is a connection between these two. Let’s not know why you need to listen to music during exercise

Benefits of listening to music during exercise
Exercise starter
Getting up in the morning for various reasons or laziness may not be the desire to exercise or walk a lot of the time. If so, start the song at the beginning. This will create the urge to exercise or walk fast. And this song will keep you excited as long as you exercise. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

The speed of exercise will increase without knowing it
Have you ever felt that the physical or mental changes that are needed as a result of exercise are not happening? In that case, make a playlist of your choice before walking, running or going to the gym. According to research, music is very effective in speeding up the work that has to be done.

The song will keep you moving
Everyone knows that music can improve your mood. The type and volume of the song determines exactly how hard you work. Favorite song but it will keep you moving, will keep you energized. However, not all types of songs will work the same way for everyone. If your memory is associated with a particular song or the lyrics of the song stimulate you, then those songs can also be put in the playlist.

Will help to stay calm
Yes, just as music can make you feel good, it can also make you more stable. Songs that are usually between 60-115 beats per minute, when you listen to all those songs, your heart rate slows down a bit. This type of low beat song also plays a big role in reducing tension and self-control before any race or competitive game. According to research, music also helps people make decisions.

Coordination will work
The biggest accompaniment of the song is the rhythm. You don’t have to dance to the rhythm of the song, but the movement of the body to the rhythm of the rhythm is important.

According to research, the part of the brain that coordinates our physical activity increases the electrical activity of that part of the brain. And this is exactly why your coordination with the song of your choice is good.

Helps to push your limits
It is very normal to get tired while exercising. In this case, the song will help you to wake up with new enthusiasm. Since the song stimulates the brain separately, the chances of becoming a kant are also reduced. A survey of 12 cyclists found that whenever they listened to music while cycling, their average speed increased. If the beat of the song is more, the speed is more in these cases.

A song of your choice will keep you away from extra stress. At the same time, the feeling of extra fatigue will fade a lot. However, this does not mean that you have to work hard because of the music. Do as much as you need, just keep the song with you. Simply put, you need to keep the song with you to take care of yourself.

Hard work can be fun too
The best communication of the song with the exercise is that the workout that is difficult for you in normal time, the song is able to present it to you very easily. Music is much more effective than holding up tutorials during exercise. Because, when you are busy with the rhythm or words of the song, the mind naturally concentrates less on hard work. And the farther you go from the work of fatigue, the more enjoyable the work will gradually become.

Acceleration and release from injury
For those who have a habit of running, listening to music can be a kind of good news. If you have a habit of running for a long time, your injury rate will start to decrease as the speed of the race increases. As a result, your steps will be smaller and the speed will increase a lot.

According to a survey of 26 runners, the speed of running is increasing with the increase of beats in the case of 130-200 beats per minute. So if you want to run fast, it is better to choose songs that have a beat rate of 160 to 180 per minute.

Helps to be normal
According to a test run on 60 gymnasts, when the body is very weak after a long period of exercise, the heartbeat is much higher, then the song also helps to be normal. Listening to slow music at this time also lowers blood pressure and heart rate. That means light beat songs are great for reducing your cardiac stress.

Exercise or walking is necessary for the body. However, if you feel bored, sometimes the interest decreases. If so, take the song as a companion. The monotony will be cut, the body will be fit. Stay well, stay healthy.

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