Ways to lose weight in winter

In our country, fresh cabbage is usually seen in winter. I mentioned in a diet article that weight loss in a short period of time does not last long. That is 100 percent true. But many times it seems that there is less time in hand but it is not too late to get closer to the day of the pre-arranged ceremony then we quickly look for the shortcut way to get ourselves in perfect shape. Today I will tell you about a special diet plan to help you reach that desired goal. Lose 5 kg weight this winter. Honestly, in this seven day diet you can lose up to 5 kg weight. Cabbage soup will be the main food but also some other low calorie foods will be included in this diet plan. But the hope is that you will never go hungry on this diet. You can eat this soup with full stomach whenever you feel hungry!

The way this cabbage soup diet works

Naturally you will want to know how it will be possible to lose weight in such a short time. In fact, there is no such thing as magic. However, the only reason for weight loss, cabbage has very few calories. And this diet plan has taken advantage of that opportunity. You only need to consume 800-1050 calories per day. Which is needed to shed excess body fat.

Some problems during the cabbage soup diet

You may encounter some problems while following this diet. Such as boredom, lack of adequate nutrition. Who doesn’t feel bad to eat limited food every day! Moreover, it is not possible to get all the nutrients from cabbage. However, I think since fruits, vegetables and dairy foods are included in the Cabbage Diet Chart, there will not be much of a shortage of nutrition.

Cabbage soup recipe
1. Cabbage – half,

2. Onion – 3,

3. Chili – 1,

4. Tomatoes – 2,

5. Carrots – 2,

. Ginger crumbs – a little bit

. Salt – to taste.

Take half a teaspoon of olive oil in a pan. When hot, add chopped onion and wait till it becomes transparent. Stir in the grated carrots, green chillies, tomato paste and ginger again for 5-6 minutes. Then remove from the oven and add another pan. Boil it with 6 cups of water and salt. Boil the cabbage and lightly fried ingredients in oil for 7 minutes. Then cool it and blend the ingredients with water in a blender. Then put it in the oven again and cook till it becomes thick. Became cabbage soup for your diet.

Diet plan

1st day
Cabbage diet match 1st day

Eat as many fruits and cabbage soup as you like throughout the day except bananas. However, for your convenience, I am giving you a guide line.

In the morning: Eat 3 medium sized apples and 2 bowls of cabbage soup.

At noon and at night: eat one bowl of fruit salad and as many bowls of soup as you want.

2nd day
Today is your vegetable day. Only potatoes are allowed.

Morning: A bowl of vegetables, a bowl of cabbage soup, boiled with all winter vegetables, salt and chilli powder.

Noon: A bowl of salad with soup as desired.

Night: Unlimited cabbage soup.

3rd day
Today there will be a combination of 2 vegetables and fruits throughout the day. But even today bananas and potatoes cannot be eaten. The diet of the previous days means eat according to the 1st and 2nd day.

4th day


Eat 4 glasses of milk / sour yogurt all day today, 7-8 bananas with cabbage soup until the stomach is full. However, it is better not to eat banana at night.

5th day
We also need protein for our body and keeping that in mind, the 5th day has been fixed as the day of eating meat. Eat 7-8 tomatoes all day today.

Morning: Cabbage soup with 2 tomatoes.

Afternoon: Fish / half chicken grill and tomato salad.

Night: Unlimited amounts of soup and tomatoes.

6th day
Even today, your diet will include protein and vegetables. And cabbage soup is not to be forgotten.

Morning: A bowl of cabbage soup, boiled with some vegetables, salt and chilli powder.

Noon: Remember the day before you ate half of a chicken? Eat the other half with soup today.

At night: Eat only cabbage soup.

7th day
Today is the last day to celebrate. So eat as many vegetables, fruits, juices and soups as you want.

Lose 5 kg weight in winter by following this diet plan. After all, it seems to me that it is not so harmful to the body. Because this diet has all kinds of complementary foods according to the needs of the body. So if you agree with me, start a seven day cabbage diet from tomorrow and get ready for a party coming up!

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